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Saturday, 27 December 2008 12:36

The doll of wool and cloth

 Each doll is  handmade by one person, using natural prime quality material: pure lamb’s wool, woven wool, cotton, silk, pastel colours and wax..

Each doll is therefore  unique for the child that receives it.

This doll of cloth and wool is created by following a procedure which is never casual or merely technical: .each phase of its creation and the sequence of phases  in fact, reflect the evolution and development phases of the human being.

It is therefore universally known and loved from the very early stages of its being, and cannot be considered as an inter-changeable object to be tossed and thrown away, and because of this, great care is given to the finishings  and the robustness of its body, and is always “repairable” and must be repaired the very moment this need arises.

It is not just a toy but is in itself an image of the human being.  

Particular attention is given to the choice of materials used, the combination of colours, the harmony of its proportions and small details, so that is always beautiful to look at, soft to the touch, and rounded in its form, in a way that it awakes sentiments of   tenderness, warmth and loving care.

Their physical structure  is essential, though they differ from one another. In fact, the  nose is not developed, and neither do they  have a fully developed expression. Mimicry is absent, there is just an accent of a smile, and the body’s attitude is that of trust and abandonment, allowing the child to give life to its doll, giving it the moods expressions and  attitudes according to the roles asked for, in each particular moment.

The quality of the material used and the manual work in its creation , being produced by one single person, justify the cost of this doll, which however cannot  cover the cost of warm enthusiasm and loving dedication that each creator addresses to the unknown child which will receive the doll she is making.


The “Ninetta” doll or cushion doll

This doll, still without hair, wears a fixed hood which cannot be removed. It’s form is essential and very round. It’s body is wrapped by a cushion which hides its arms and legs, so that only its hands can be seen. It can be laid down like a warm cushion and is particularly adapted to newborns or  babies in their first months of life. The baby, which still cannot walk, can feel it as a companion and counsellor in its sleep and when it is awake.


 The doll with fixed suit

This doll’s body  is different from the first two and wears a playsuit which can be both fixed or removable.  It has arms and even legs and feet (male or female). It has short hair which can’t be combed and may have a fixed or movable hood, and a removable sleeveless playsuit which can be changed. The  doll stands on its feet and is adaptable to babies in their first years.


The moving doll with dress accesories

This doll  has a full body complete with main trunk and arms, hands  and legs , feet. It can sit and be put in various positions. It has long hair of spun  wool. Which can be combed with wooden brushes with rounded ends. It can have interchangeable accessories of different colours and together with the colour of its hair can have the characteristics of a particular character of fables, from the adventure world , or from the diverse faraway populations (princesses. The Little Prince, Red Riding Hood).This doll is particularly liked by the children who are already able to take care of it, who enjoy brushing their hair or changing their clothes.


The Dwarves (male and female)

 The dwarves are those creatures that live in the lower parts of the woods, and that love roots and the old trunks of giant trees, together with the reign of minerals, especially the metal-iron  veins and mineral reserves. These creatures cooperate with man in the transforming of nature wherever nature is respected and safeguarded...

They rejoice whenever man acknowledges their existence and their work, and they reveal themselves only to the innocent eyes of children and are the actors of many fables and legends of popular traditions.

This  dwarf  called “sandy dwarf” is made entirely by one person, with the use of prime quality material: pure corded wool for its head, roasted corn for the body stuffing, woven wool or cotton cloth for its clothing veiled wool for its hair, beard and moustache.

It is not a toy to be used directly by the little child, but as a “magic helper” that the adult can always call on to help in teaching the child the rhythmic events of the day (meals, hygiene storytelling hour, bedtime),  giving him a name and creating small appropriate rhymes about him.


The flower fairy

 Represents the  Elf that according to fables and legends, lives inside every flower

It was created entirely by handcraft  using excellent material ( carded wool,  coloured with natural colours, cotton, silk).

On one side you can see a flower, and on the other side, the smiling face of an Elf.


The holy  manger

 The colours and forms of the members of the holy family were chosen keeping in mind the great artistic works and also that of  tradition in order to evoke its  typical essence most faithfully.

The pastors represent all of humanity  on its journey and search for its own sacred interiority.  They are different from one another and come from various parts of the world; individuals that are united by one common experience of the Light  and warmth, and who meet and become one in the grotto of Bethlehem and in the hearts of each one.


Gadget and others objects

 In our laboratory small promotional objects are created for gift as decorations for bombonnières (proper the flower fairy), for Christmas tree (dwarves, angels etc..) or to use as placemarks for the prepared tables (flowers), or small business gifts also (keyring).

We produce purses, wallets and hats of cloth and also animal representative dolls as kangaroos, elephants, giraffes, horses, zebras, cows, rabbits, cats, camels, dromedaries, fishes, sheeps, etc.

A particular tribute to Donkeys or  “ciuchini” as they are called in Tuscany, this animal wise, willing and  attentive to those who around it.

In our Artistic Laboratories,  we create the characters of the traditional fables from Red Riding Hood to the Lord of the Rings.

 On your request we can use our techniques to give form and colour to any character of any story you draw or create.


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